Every year, there are dozens of technology and startup events across the African region that focus on bringing technology enthusiasts from around the world to explore ways to grow the tech ecosystem. From consumer tech shows to startup-focused conferences, there’s always a tech event in Africa to display or launch innovative products, pitch a startup, discuss a key topic, or meet and network with people.

Some of the key events that have attracted tech enthusiasts over the years include those put together by technology giants such as Google and Facebook, as well as AfricaCom, Nairobi Tech Week, DEMO Africa, MEST Africa Summit, Africa Startup Summit, Africa Fintech Summit, Startup Battlefield Africa, Techpoint Build, and Seedstars Startup Pitch.

Techloy's ChartBox highlights some of the largest and biggest technology events in East Africa, North Africa, South Africa, and West Africa.

Chart by Loy Okezie / Techloy.com