Since purchasing Twitter last year, Elon Musk has been teasing the idea of transforming the platform into a more comprehensive "everything app", similar to China's WeChat, and subsequently merging it with an incorporated company by the name of "X Corp."

Now, under Musk's ownership, Twitter is undergoing a significant rebranding, officially becoming "𝕏", redirecting the domain to Twitter, and marking the end of one of the most recognizable social media brands with a bluebird.

But, the rebranding is just one of the many major changes that Musk has brought to the platform since his $44 billion acquisition. Since his takeover, he has introduced a monthly subscription service, allowing longer tweets, and improved video quality. He has also dropped verification for non-paying users and most recently reduced the rate limit.

Elon Musk is morphing Twitter into an β€œeverything app”
Elon Musk has teased a glimpse of his vision to transform Twitter – the buzzing social network he bought for $44 billion – into an β€œeverything app”, with multiple services including messaging, video, and payments. In a recent presentation, Musk shared some of his plans for the microblogging platfor…

The decision to adopt the "𝕏" logo is inspired by Musk's vision to embrace the imperfections that make each individual unique. He believes "𝕏" embodies these imperfections, making it a perfect fit for the rebranded platform.

Alongside this rebrand, Twitter is also making additional updates such as limiting the number of DMs for non-paying users, introducing a LinkedIn-like hiring feature for Verified Organizations, and would soon be allowing users to post "very long, complex articles" on the platform. Initially referred to as Notes, similar to Substack's Twitter clone, the article feature would be called Articles.

But more importantly, one wonders what would become of several Twitter terms such as 'tweet', 'retweet', 'followers', 'handle', etc, or what 𝕏 will call its videos. (Hello, '𝕏 Videos'....Ok, bye) With Facebook recently changing its video-related content from Watch to Videos, Musk might settle for '𝕏 Watch' or perhaps go with '𝕏 Reels' to take on Instagram and TikTok.

Oh, wait, since the platform plans to relaunch Vine, its short video platform similar to TikTok, that could be the new home of Twitter Videos.

As Twitter faces increasing competition from Meta's Threads, some may wonder if this rebranding is a good move. But one thing Twitter's transformation into "𝕏" with Elon Musk at the helm promises is exciting new developments to the platform.

And while some of Musk's fans support the change, long-time users of the messaging service aren't entirely thrilled with the transformation.

Indeed, the question of whether Twitter's rebranding into "𝕏" marks the beginning of a mega ecosystem (X Corp) with exciting new products or if it signifies the path towards the platform's end is a topic that captivates everyone's attention.

Additional reporting by Loy Okezie; Editing by Loy Okezie.