For a considerable period, WhatsApp users have grappled with the restriction of having only one account on the popular messaging app.

Often times, users have had to use workarounds such as cloning the app or employing parallel spaces. Now with the ability to add two different accounts, WhatsApp users will be able to manage both work and personal accounts on one device.

With this latest feature, users will no longer need to log in and out, juggle between apps or carry two phones. Additionally, you will have the ability to configure distinct notifications and privacy settings for each of your accounts.

This functionality is available on both WhatsApp beta and stable versions and is set to be rolled out to Android users in the coming weeks and months.

How to Get And Use Two WhatsApp Accounts on One Phone
WhatsApp has introduced a new feature allowing users to have two accounts on one device. So, now you no longer need to have multiple devices or use cloned WhatsApp to run different accounts on your phone. To get this feature, you need an Android phone with dual SIM or e-SIM