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In this week's edition of The Draft, our top story captures the many indecisive moves of the social media giant Twitter, in a bid to sustain its revenue through a subscription-based model. With many feature launches and retractions within just two weeks, users have been left confused as to what to make of the chaos that is going on. Worse, Musk has hinted at a possible bankruptcy for the company. We bring you all these details and other important stories, funding deals, and charts this week that were covered this week.

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🗞Top Story

Since the Twitter takeover fanfare by billionaire Elon Musk in a $44 billion deal, it has been a roller coaster of drama with firings, feature launches, operational changes and more.

In just two weeks, Twitter has debuted and killed off more features on its platform than some platforms have been able to put together in a calendar year. That's not to mention one of the biggest layoffs so far in 2022 and several administrative readjustments that the company has undergone in just these past two weeks.

Which feature did Twitter launch or kill? Will Elon Musk run Twitter to the ground with his very radical moves? Or will he turn the social media platform around?

The top story continues on and the rest of this week's stories continue below.

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