Elon Musk's ambitious vision for '𝕏,' formerly known as Twitter, has taken another bold step towards becoming an all-encompassing platform as it rolls out a new job-hiring feature.

The new feature dubbed '𝕏Hiring' aims to assist companies in discovering suitable candidates for their job vacancies featured on the platform.

In a post on 𝕏, the company invited Verified Organizations to "Unlock early access to the 𝕏 Hiring Beta β€” exclusively for Verified Organizations. Feature your most critical roles and organically reach millions of relevant candidates."

Still launched as a beta version, '𝕏Hiring' is currently limited to Verified Organizations, and access to this feature comes with a monthly price tag of $1,000.

According to Business Today, job vacancies posted by Verified Organizations on 𝕏 will appear on their profiles. Candidates will be able to easily search and apply for roles via keywords, location, and other filters directly on the platform. If successful, they will be contacted by the employers through the 𝕏 platform.

This development marks 𝕏's foray into the professional networking arena, signalling a possible intention to challenge established job search websites like LinkedIn, a behemoth in the job-hiring space with an extensive user base of 930 million users, compared to 𝕏's 450 million.

But while this move may not pose an immediate threat to LinkedIn's supremacy, given it has double as many users, it underscores 𝕏's ambition to become an "everything app."

It aligns with 𝕏's ongoing evolution under Elon Musk's ownership, which has seen the platform undergo a series of notable changes and innovations. 𝕏 continues to shape its identity as a multifaceted platform with a vision that extends beyond its microblogging origins.