Not very long ago, the Twitter blue checkmark was a prestigious tag that helped identify verified accounts of notable public figures or entities on the Twitter platform.

But, following Elon Musk's acquisition of the platform last November, the billionaire rebranded the blue checkmark into a subscription service accessible to anyone willing to splurge their $8 or $11 for the blue checkmark and other additional perks.

Far from what Elon Musk intended for the service, the blue checkmark began to lose its allure, becoming somewhat of a tag of ridicule for accounts donning the verification mark as some users began mocking subscriber accounts rocking the blue tag.

Now 𝕏 (formerly Twitter) is offering a new feature that allows subscribers of the service to keep their subscription status private and avoid memes about paying for the service.

As seen by a screenshot published by the Verge, the "hide your checkmark" option can be found under the "profile customization" option, and when selected, the "notorious" checkmark will no longer be visible on the subscriber's profile and posts.

The new hide blue checkmark option.
Image: Verge

While this feature gives users more control over their subscription status, implementation of this feature isn’t bug-free yet. According to an 𝕏 support article, the checkmark may still appear in certain places, and some features may not be available while it's hidden.

Also, some of the service’s features will not be available while the check mark is hidden, the support article adds.

While Twitter Blue (now 𝕏 Premium) hasn't officially stated the reason behind the addition of this feature, it appears to be a move to court more users to come onboard the service allowing them to enjoy the other exclusive perks offered by the subscription while avoiding becoming targets of trolls. Overall this aligns with Elon Musk's strategy to attract more subscribers to the premium service that has struggled to gain the expected traction.