The global PC monitor market faced considerable challenges in the second quarter of 2023, grappling with declining demand and inventory management efforts.

Data from the International Data Corporation (IDC) revealed a year-on-year shipment decline of 17.1% during the quarter totalling just over 29.9 million units.

While this figure exceeded modest expectations, it remains below the pre-COVID levels observed in the second quarter of 2019. This signals an ongoing decline trend following the surge in volume from 2020 to 2022.

Across all regions, there was a contraction in comparison to the previous year, with North America and Western Europe experiencing the most significant declines.

The unencouraging market's performance and persistent challenges have led IDC to revise its market outlook forecasting an additional 10.3% decrease in shipments for 2023. This is driven by continuing weak demand and prevailing macroeconomic uncertainties.

Meanwhile, a positive recovery is predicted in 2024 as consumers and businesses adopt Windows 11 PCs, boosting office monitor sales. However, a return to 2019 levels is not anticipated until 2025. Beyond 2025, market stabilization is expected, driven by hybrid work models and gaming monitor growth.

Image: IDC