If you can't beat them, you join them is how Meta's Thread is attempting to rival 𝕏 (formerly Twitter) after losing momentum in the past months.

Now, it wants to get users back on the platform with a new feature: an Edit button. Pat yourself on the back, Meta. It took you under three months to launch a feature that took Twitter (now 𝕏) almost forever to do.

But where is the innovation, you ask? Well, nothing to report here, except that the Threads edit button is free for users.

Unlike 𝕏 where you will need to be an 𝕏 Premium subscriber to use the edit feature, users can now edit their posts as many times as they like within a five-minute window after posting, eliminating the need to delete and repost for minor corrections.

Threads, which initially experienced an explosive surge, amassing a staggering 100 million subscribers in just five days, setting a record for the fastest growth in the app industry, has suffered a major user activity decline in the past few months.

Peak user activity, which reached 49.3 million daily active users shortly after its launch, has since dwindled to 10.3 million daily active users, marking a decline of over 79%, according to Similarweb data.

In contrast, 𝕏 boasts a user base of 200 million daily active users, each spending an average of 31 minutes per day on the platform.

To reverse the pace of rapid decline, Meta is churning out a series of updates to the platform in a bid to draw back user interest, including plans to launch a Trends feature to compete with 𝕏, "Voice Threads", which would allow users to add voice posts, and the ability for users to delete their accounts without affecting their Instagram profiles.

It would be interesting to see whether all of these updates would revitalize Threads and counter the decline in user activity.