As you may already know, it is that time of the year when Big Tech ships thrilling tech developments that they've been working on the entire year.

Last week, Apple serenaded us with its iPhone 15 launch event, and this week, Microsoft and Amazon held their annual product and services launch events which centred heavily on Artificial Intelligence.

Amazon, on the one hand, made a big splash with the announcement of Alexa's integration with its LLM AI model – with the virtual assistant software about to get smarter, more conversational, and possibly make Siri and Google Assistant work harder.

Microsoft wasn't subtle either with its own AI updates. It went all out, integrating its new AI assistant, Copilot, across its extensive portfolio of services including Windows 11, Edge, Microsoft 365 and its search engine Bing.

Not wanting to be outdone, and knowing that both Amazon and Microsoft will come with blazing swords, Google also announced that it is launching its most advanced AI model yet, making Bard seamlessly integrate with its suite of apps and services.

It appears we have an AI power play on our hands and the world is already on an AI-powered adventure that's changing the way we live, work, and play. Now might be a good time to strap in.

Wishing you an AI-mazing weekend!

– Emmanuel

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