You've probably heard of the AI chatbot wars and the impending AI power play that is right in front of us. But, have you heard of the AI Phone Wars?

I've been using Bard and ChatGPT for a couple of months now and can't seem to love either of them any less. Both of these AI assistants have become resourceful tools despite their different use cases and features.

My only concern has been with ChatGPT's inability to provide real-time information since the chatbot was previously trained to use data up to September 2021. Now with ChatGPT's latest update allowing it to tap into the vast knowledge of the internet and real-time information, it's only a matter of time before we start seeing more magic happening.

And just imagine what the AI chatbot's maker OpenAI could possibly do with an AI-driven consumer hardware device. If a Financial Times report is to be believed, we are in for an intriguing experience as Apple's former designer Jony Ive is said to be in advanced talks with OpenAI to build an "iPhone of artificial intelligence" with more than $1 billion in funding from Japanese conglomerate SoftBank.

I'll need a few days to unpack what this could mean, the possible use cases, and its impact on related services. 🤯

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