TikTok was in the news again. Oh, not because Elon has launched a killer feature to rival the once-upon-a-time music-lip-sync and dancing-video-app. This time, TikTok is fighting its own demons in Senegal – where it has been banned. Déjà vu!

The story would probably not make global headlines as it should, thanks, but no thanks to Elon's crafty way of making headlines with his cringy-sounding app X (fka, Twitter).

Remember when the Blue Checkmark on Twitter was the holy grail of verification for notable public figures and entities? Now, to protect the egos of Blue Checkmark holders, X has introduced a cloak-and-dagger feature – "hide your checkmark," allowing subscribers to go incognito and keep their 'VIP status' on the down low, evading the taunts and memes from trolls.

If you are a Blue subscriber and would like your subscription status anonymous, I covered the steps to hide your checkmark on your profile.

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– Emmanuel & Loy

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