Although Threads, the standalone text-based app from Meta didn't introduce any groundbreaking features at its launch last month, it had the most potential ahead of similar apps such as Twitter (now š¯•¸), Truth Social and Mastodon due to its seamless integration with Instagram.

Post-launch, Threads rocketed into popularity, amassing 100 million users in just five days, making it the fastest-growing app ever.

But just as quickly as it gained traction, its appeal began to fade as users returned to the familiar š¯•¸ platform. Within a month, the Android app's daily active users plummeted from 49.3 million to 10.3 million, as reported by Similarweb on August 10.

With over 50 million users, Threads could become a major threat to Twitter
Editorā€™s Note: This article has been updated to reflect the current number of users of the Threads app. Not the version of the cage fight we had hoped for, but nonetheless a riveting one. Mark Zuckerbergā€™s Meta is wielding its new digital sword in the form of Threads to

Now, hoping to reverse this downward trend, Meta Platforms is planning to introduce a web version of Threads to add new features, with the hope of making it more useful for power users like brands, company accounts, advertisers and journalists.

In the past few weeks, it has introduced new features allowing users to set post notifications for specific accounts and enjoy a chronological feed, enhancing their experience. Meanwhile, an upgraded search feature is said to be in development, which would enable users to search for specific posts rather than merely searching for accounts.

Meanwhile, there are still a lot of š¯•¸/Twitter-like features that are absent, including a trending page, direct messaging and an š¯•¸ Spaces feature, but Meta is betting on its new web version launch and additional feature launches to possibly turn the tides.

Meta has not provided a specific launch date for the web version, but Instagram head Adam Mosseri noted it could happen soon.